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Make Music Detroit – June 21st, 2016 marked the inaugural Make Music Detroit celebration. Detroit joined cities around the world to celebrate music in its many forms. Inspired by France’s Fête de la Musique (a national music party day inaugurated in 1982), Make Music Day or World Music Day takes place on the same day in more than 700 cities in over 100 different countries throughout the globe, including Germany, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Australia, Vietnam, Congo, Cameroon, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, South Africa, Nepal, Kenya, and Japan. For more information, please visit Make Music Day or Fête de la Musique‘s websites.

All Make Music Detroit events are:

  • Free (no tickets, musicians and audience members are not charged)
  • Participatory (open to any musician at any level who wish to participate)
  • All ages with genre restrictions
  • At multiple locations
  • On June 21st (the longest day of the year)

Mission – Make Music Detroit is more than a music event. Our purpose is to bring attention the importance of early music exposure for kids and the benefits of music in people’s daily lives. Detroit became a fountain of reverence in culture and humanities, in part, because of how the availability of music and arts education enriched its citizens. Every Detroit child deserves quality music education, and Make Music Detroit is dedicated to supporting this goal.

Last Year’s Recap – For the inaugural MMD2016, we coordinated more than a dozen sites around the city to serve as venues for over 100 free performances.  Most sites were dispersed within three walking clusters situated within the Cultural Center, Downtown and North End neighborhood.  Attendees were able to visit Detroit Institute of Arts, Assemble Sound, The Carr Center at Harmonie Park, Urban Bean Co., Northern Lights Lounge, Cass Cafe, Third Man Records, Jazz Cafe at Music Hall and other sites along the Oakland Avenue Artist Corridor to enjoy and experience every kind of musician – young and old, amateur and professional, of various musical persuasions (from jazz to folk to experimental to soul to electronic).


This year for MMD2017, performances will start Wednesday, June 21st at Noon and end at Midnight. Mark your calendars and let’s Make Music Detroit!


2017 Artist List:

#ENT Works
24/7 West
Ableton Workshop by DJ Heru (Spin Inc.)
Adventures with Vultures
Aether Bleu
Akbar Walks
Al Luv
Alex Roch
Alexander Schwank
Ali McManus
Allye Gaietto
Anthony Retka
Audra Kubat
Axis Music Academy Performances & Workshop
Battersby Takes Bronze
Billy Davis Band w/ Harmonica Shah & Mighty Michael
Body Mechanic
Botanical Fortress
brave as a bear
Brotha Mike
Cayenne & Ginger
Chosen By Fate
Chrissii Key
City Lights!
Cosmic Music Collective
Crockett King
Daryl Beebe
Day 1$
Detroit School of the Arts – Achievers Ladies Female Vocal Ensemble
Detroit Youth Volume with Leslie DeShazor & Scott Murphy
DIME Student Performance
DJ Bigum Detroit
DJ Judy Adams
DJ Mel Wonder
Donovan Montgomery
Dr Mindbender
Drew Schultz & The Broken Habits featuring Melvin Davis
Electric Blanket
Elena Hirsch
Emma Guzman
Greater Alexander
Grumpy Gus
Gyfted Band
Ian Fink / Alex White & Friends
In Transit Detroit featuring Sean Blackman and Liz Larin
Innerspirit Project
Inohs Sivad Evolution
Jack Oats
JC & Royal Keys
Jemille Ali
Joei Redd
Julius De’Von
Kanem X
Keith Smith
Kira Blue
Konrad Lee
Large Extra Large ( LXL )
Lia K Catallo
Lindsey Jordyn
Lisa Mary
Mahogany Jones
Maria Montoya
Mark Frechette & ANMLTALK (aka The Diers)
Mary McGuire
Melvin Davis
Michael Elliott
Michigan Basement
Michigan Left
Mike Jellick Trio
Min. David A Whitfield II & Whitfield Productions
Min. SKS
Modern Vagrant
Mycah Ellis
Nadrel Brown
Open Mic Night at Park Bar
Party Days
Pastor Waverly B. Bumbrey Sr & Refuge Temple Cathedral Voices
Phenom Band!
Phil Hale Quartet featuring Thornetta Davis
Planet Funk on 313.FM
Pogo Rey
Poor Player
Psychotic Reaction
Qween Louie
Rebecca Goldberg, Greg Aubry & Nardo
Redd Edwards
Roschelle Laughhunn
RJ Spangler Quartet featuring Larry Smith w / Youth Jam Session
Sam the Saxman
Sami Mei
Sheila Slaughter
Smiley & Friends
Sounds of Imani
Speak Easy
Spin Inc. DJ & Production Workshop w/ DJ Jungle
Stereo Boyz
Ted Nagy
Tez Honcho
The Arrangement
The Core
The Dermatones
The Masters of Harmony
The Matthews Brothers
The Mighty Ded Woods
The Mighty Funhouse
The Motor City Boogie Woogie Kid – Matthew Ball
The Old Adage
The Original Vandellas
The Plastic Bears
The Reissues
The Sane Abandoned
The War Balloons
Tim Ellerbe
Tino G and The Dumpster Machine featuring Charles “Buddy” Smith
Vincie D & The Sensations
Wild Mountain Roses
Wingz Of Terror
Detroit Institute of Arts
Northern Lights Lounge
Cass Cafe
Bert’s (Eastern Market)
Garden Bowl at The Majestic
Alley Deck at Magic Stick
TheStudio Fitness Dance Culture
MotorCity Wine
Red Door Great Hall of the People
Delores Bennett Park
The Baltimore Gallery
Fox Creek Feedom Freedom
Detroit Artists’ Test Lab
The Bottom Line Coffee House
ASHE Supply Co.
Urban Bean Co.
Hip n Zen in the Northend
Jazz Cafe at Music Hall
The Old Miami
Red Corridor Bar
PJ’s Lager House
Milliken State Park Lighthouse
Third Wave Music
Dequindre Cut


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Detroit's Institute of Arts


Sign-up for MMD2017 will open to the public March 1st.

It’s easy to get involved!


Completely different from a typical music festival, MMD is open to anyone who wants to perform, host, learn, or teach music.

No performer, venue, student or teacher will be turned away.

As long as you have a passion for music, Make Music Detroit is there!


How to sign up…


if you are a…


Create your profile by submitting a description of your act, photos, times you are available and any other relevant info (i.e. website/social media links). Check out the available venues and bid on one that fits your availability. EACH PERFORMANCE REQUEST NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED AS AN ONE (1) HOUR INCREMENT, PER VENUE. All performers MUST arrive to the venue an hour before their scheduled performance, so give yourself time.  For instance, if you are available from 3pm-6pm to perform, than the earliest you can start playing would be 4pm. Most performances will be 30-45 minutes long. When the venue operator confirms your request, you’re good to go. For Full Instructions CLICK HERE. Registration started March 1st.

Sign Up as a Performer Now!!

if you are a…


Create a profile by submitting your location information and a description of the space. Peruse the musician profiles to request a performance, or welcome musicians to bid on your space independently (make sure you can accommodate the performers before you submit your request). EACH PERFORMANCE REQUEST NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED AS AN ONE (1) HOUR INCREMENT, PER ARTIST. Most performances should be 30-45 minutes long to allow ample change over time. Await the confirmation of your request or confirm the performers request, then you are ready to go on June 21st!  Registration started March 1st.

Sign Up as a Venue Now!!




Become a teacher and conduct a music workshop!

Make Music Detroit advocates the access to music education to citizens of all ages and skill levels.  More than a festival, Make Music Detroit is an ongoing “movement” to bring attention the vital role music and music education plays in promoting better social, academic and spiritual engagement.  Furthermore, Make Music Detroit strives to recognize the indispensable work of local music educators and institutions in youth development.

If you or your institution would like to conduct a workshop, please send an email to


Become a volunteer!

Make Music Detroit is a city-wide event hosted to highlight the importance of music in the daily lives of its communities and the city’s diverse music history.  We rely heavily on volunteers to keep things running smoothly which means we need your help on June 21st!  If you’re available on this day and would like to help us, please let us know!

Here are just some of the things that you might be doing throughout the day:
-Tell passersbys about Make Music Detroit and answer any questions audience and participators may have.
-Take photos of your stationed event.
-Help keep our performers happy.
-Help with setup and breakdown between artists.
-Help run sound.
-Help the kids and parents during workshops.

and much more….

If you are  interested in volunteering, please take a moment to fill out our Volunteer Sign-Up Form.


Thank You Everyone for Your Time and Support!!

It takes a village…


2017 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st


Past Programs

MMD2016 Performing Artist Lineup:

Aaron Michael Butler
Alexander Schwank
Ali McManus
Amp Fiddler
Amp Fiddler’s Youth Music Workshop
Andrea Daniel
Andrew Iannaccone
Anthony Retka Music & Emily Rose
Art Rautenberg Music
Bobby McManus
Brother Angel Drum Devils Youth Rhythm Workshop
Bunny hop
Cayenne & Ginger
Chrissii Key
Chrissy Morgan & Susie Woodman
Church Girlz
City Lights!
Clem Fortuna
Crockett King
Dante Evol
Dave Parks Five
DrinkersClub SmokerzGang
Dear Annaa
Dennis Coffey at Northern Lights Lounge every Tuesday
Detroit Mixo
Detroit Party Marching Band
Detroit Steam Pistol
DJ Thornstryker
Dream Element
Elle Mar
Emma Guzman
Erica Mourad
Evan Miller/Andrew Seivert
Fast Freddy Anderson
Fortuna / Knaggs
Great Lakes Society of Soul
Greater Alexander
Greg Turner
Innerspirit Project
Isaac Prieto
James Mcglinnen
Jason Hogans (:brownstudy, Medium Parnell, Moot Zoo)
Jeffrey Felch
Jennie Knaggs
Joe Smith
Jonathon Kiner
Judy Adams
Keith Smith
Kevin Reynolds
Krystal Styles
Knee Play
Lakes the Great
Larry Fratangelo
Lazy Lane
Lia K Catallo
Lisa Mary
Liz Larin
Luke Jensen
Malena Quartet
Malik Alston
Maria Montoya
Marissa Guzman
Mark Frechette & ANMLTALK
Mark Stone Group
Michael Elliott-Carson
Mike Agent X Clark
Modern Vagrant
Motor City Music Cartel Featuring Scotty William
N4structure Band
Olivia Millerschin
Pablo R. Ruiz
Panda House
PhilHarmonic Sextet featuring Thornetta Davis
Rebecca Goldberg & Nardo Navdo (Le Ren)
RJ Spängler Quintet featuring Nikki Pearse and Larry Smith
Rustbelt Angels
Sam the Saxman w/ Luis Hirschlieb
Sami Mei Music
Sanubian Slay X O Kame Awoken
Sean Blackman
Sheila Slaughter
Sophia Avocado Music
Soul Pepper
Sounds of Imani Music Ministry
Stereo Boyz
Ted Nagy Trio
Ted Strunck
The Bed Band
The Blessing: World Music Youth Workshop
The Euphorics
The Illuminate Crew
The Mighty Funhouse
The Sun Drummers
Tosha Owens
Trop Fusion & Will Villain
Ulysses Newkirk
Val Mancini Music
WindStar Soul
Woodrow The-Entertainerer
Young Punk
Zac Brunell


MMD2016 Performance Spaces:

Assemble Sound
Carr Center at Harmonie Park
Cass Cafe
Delores Bennett Park
Detroit Bureau of Sound at Spread Art
Detroit Institute of Arts Museum
DIME (Detroit Institute of Music Education)
DIME Acoustic Space
Evola Music Center – Bloomfield Hills
Evola Music Center – Canton
Evola Music Center – Shelby Township
Fox Creek Feed’em Freedom
Jazz Cafe at Music Hall
Jerry’s Garden
Lincoln Street Art Park
MIX Bricktown
Moore Community Council Park
Northern Lights Lounge
Old Miami
Red Door Great Hall of the People
TheStudio Dance Fitness Culture
The Under ground at DIME
Third Man Records
Thomas Magee’s
Urban Bean Co.
WAYN Radio at Wayne State University


MMD2017 Sign Up Instructions For Artists

May 3, 2017

  MMD2017 ARTIST REGISTRATION DIRECTIONS (PDF Manual with Screen Shots Below or Click Here)   Visit and click “Sign up as a Performer Now” link in the “Participate” section Click “Register” when the webpage loads on the separate tab Register with a current email and contact information.  If you are a kid, please haveContinue Reading »

Harvest Moon Dance

September 10, 2016

  here is our programming for the 16th. performances by  Dear Anna, Sophia Avocado, Soul Pepper, and DJ Heru-Ur & Auset. Sign up for the Drum Devils Rhythm Workshop at 8pm at space is limited, ages 8+ event includes participation from Avalon International Breads, Oakland Avenue Urban Farm, Traditional South Serbian cookbook/Starinski kuvar juzneContinue Reading »

Older Entries »


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Thank you to all our 2016 sponsors, supporters and partners for making the first Make Music Detroit a success!

We are proud to be a part of the Make Music Alliance! Check out the Make Music Day website for more info.


Make Music Detroit is a 501(c)(3).