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Sign-up for MMD2017 will open to the public March 1st.

It’s easy to get involved!


Completely different from a typical music festival, MMD is open to anyone who wants to perform, host, learn, or teach music.

No performer, venue, student or teacher will be turned away.

As long as you have a passion for music, Make Music Detroit is there!


How to sign up…


if you are a…


Create your profile by submitting a description of your act, photos, times you are available and any other relevant info (i.e. website/social media links). Check out the available venues and bid on one that fits your availability. EACH PERFORMANCE REQUEST NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED AS AN ONE (1) HOUR INCREMENT, PER VENUE. All performers MUST arrive to the venue an hour before their scheduled performance, so give yourself time.  For instance, if you are available from 3pm-6pm to perform, than the earliest you can start playing would be 4pm. Most performances will be 30-45 minutes long. When the venue operator confirms your request, you’re good to go. For Full Instructions CLICK HERE. Registration started March 1st.

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if you are a…


Create a profile by submitting your location information and a description of the space. Peruse the musician profiles to request a performance, or welcome musicians to bid on your space independently (make sure you can accommodate the performers before you submit your request). EACH PERFORMANCE REQUEST NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED AS AN ONE (1) HOUR INCREMENT, PER ARTIST. Most performances should be 30-45 minutes long to allow ample change over time. Await the confirmation of your request or confirm the performers request, then you are ready to go on June 21st!  Registration started March 1st.

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Become a teacher and conduct a music workshop!

Make Music Detroit advocates the access to music education to citizens of all ages and skill levels.  More than a festival, Make Music Detroit is an ongoing “movement” to bring attention the vital role music and music education plays in promoting better social, academic and spiritual engagement.  Furthermore, Make Music Detroit strives to recognize the indispensable work of local music educators and institutions in youth development.

If you or your institution would like to conduct a workshop, please send an email to


Become a volunteer!

Make Music Detroit is a city-wide event hosted to highlight the importance of music in the daily lives of its communities and the city’s diverse music history.  We rely heavily on volunteers to keep things running smoothly which means we need your help on June 21st!  If you’re available on this day and would like to help us, please let us know!

Here are just some of the things that you might be doing throughout the day:
-Tell passersbys about Make Music Detroit and answer any questions audience and participators may have.
-Take photos of your stationed event.
-Help keep our performers happy.
-Help with setup and breakdown between artists.
-Help run sound.
-Help the kids and parents during workshops.

and much more….

If you are  interested in volunteering, please take a moment to fill out our Volunteer Sign-Up Form.


Thank You Everyone for Your Time and Support!!

It takes a village…